europe: May 28, 2012

My life in CE England

I began my ‘Life with Endeavour’ back in the early sixties at Cochrane Street Independent Methodist Church, Everton in Liverpool. Back then there was much going on through Endeavour and I remember large rallies, many young people, friendships made with other local churches who had Junior, Intermediate and Young People’s CE. One of the highlights I remember was the trip to the Isle of Man by ferry organised by the Liverpool Union. It was a great time to be young and Endeavour opened up to me the avenue to chain prayer, and topics. At the age of sixteen God led me in the direction of service for Him through Christian Endeavour, and He is still using me today. In the Eighties I became Editor of the magazine which was then called CE FOCUS. After eleven years I passed it on to our present Editor ... Stuart. Having been President of North West Region twice and now the Minute Secretary of CEEU, service for God has taken me in many different directions. I have so much valued the opportunities given to me through C.E. and have been truly blessed by God in so many different ways. Back in 1984 we had a wonderful Convention at Crawley and God gave me the words of a poem. I pass them on to you. I knew what I wanted, I knew I was right. God’s plan would work out. But try as I might I couldn’t let go. God knew what He wanted, God knew He was right, The only way forward was to open MY sight. I had to let go. The way now is clearer, the future is sure. With God’s hand moving to open the door, I know I am treading where His feet have trod. I’ve just let go ... and I’ve just let God.

Maybe we all need to LET GO of our wants, desires, fears, hang-ups, whatever, and LET GOD.

God bless.

You can read the WCEU Newsletter 2012/2 here.

May 28, 2012, 11:02 h by by SANDRA O’NIONS.