asia: September 05, 2012

Summer Assembly in Korea, 2-4 August

In Korea CE is so much part of the Presbyterian church, that it got split when the church split because of doctrinal issues some decades ago. Since then there is a 'hap dong' Korean CE Union ( and a smaller 'kosin' union( Both groups maintain informal relations with each other.

During my visit in Korea both groups had their convention. An estimated 300 'Hap-dong' Endeavorers met in the Kolon Sport Hotel near Gyeongju, an ancient Korean capital in the Southeast for the 87th Summer Assembly. Participants (age-group 20 - 50) enjoyed fellowship almost around the clock. The inaugural meeting started around 2 pm with a ceremonial entry of the speakers and the group of past presidents. This is a peculiar body in the Korean CE and seems to be the backbone of the Korean CE. Most of them being businessmen KCEU is run quite effective, project and goal oriented. The President of the Synod of the Presbyterian Church was the first speaker. The evening program - again mainly sermons - went on until 11 pm. After that many participants spend time with friends, some of them half the night. The wake up call next morning made sure everybody was awake when a convention steward came knocking the door, inviting for the morning devotion at 6 am. Most of this day was reserved for recreational activities so I could go with WCEU Vice president Elder Ko to pay a short visit to the 23rd convention of the 'kosin' CE.

Mr. Hyunsoo Lim, KCEU President, Andreas A. Rudolph and Mr. Ko Tong un

About 150 youth had met in the Kosin University in Busan. I gave the same message which I had preached the day before to the 'Hap-dong' CE and Elder Ko Tong-un invited all to participate in the 2014 World's CE Convention. Back in Gyeongju the evening program had bible studies, the witness of a famous Korean singer and a powerful band accompanying contemporary praise songs - everything in Korean of course. The next morning (Saturday) began again with devotions at 6 am. After that breakfast checkout from the rooms and 9 am the final session. (Everybody was expected to be home for church on Sunday!) But it took some time until all the good byes had been waved and all the photographs 'to remember' had been taken. To get most out of the time everything was done fast and disciplined. Still everybody enjoyed!

September 05, 2012, 15:06 h by Andreas A. Rudolph, General Secretary, WCEU.