europe: September 05, 2012

KRISZ Summer Camps (CE in Ukraine)

In the campsites of Balazsér, Aklihegy and Ráton participated nearly 300 youth. 29 July - 4 August there was a camp where the topic ‘Replanning' was imparted through seminars, presentations and free time activities. The questions discussed in the camp were: What kind of plans do we have? What influences our plans? What is God’s plan in our life? How is God replanning our life? What does it mean to experience God’s renewing mercy? How to restart a relationship after a crash? Another topic emerged was replanning ministry and church. Besides the spiritual content we had the joy of meeting each other and sharing our Christ. We give thanks for the young volunteers, who helped us organize the camp, but moreover for God’s presence, the blessings that we encountered in the camp.

September 05, 2012, 15:05 h by Edina Dancs, Youth Pastor.