wceu, asia: December 04, 2012

A visit to Christian Endeavor in India

In the second half of October I had the opportunity to visit Christian Endeavour in India. I was invited to attend the triennial National Convention of CeiI help in Visakhapatnam, October 22-24. I used the days before and after the convention to meet various state and district CE leaders and groups.

The first meeting (October 18) has been arranged jointly by West Bengal State and Sikkim State CE Union at Kalimpong. Leaders and endeavourers of West Bengal and Sikkim state CE Union were there for a time of fellowship and interaction. Next day a short visit to Bhubaneswar followed. Right after arriving from the airport we were taken to church, where leaders and endeavourers of different distict CE Unions of Orissa State CE Union were present. Both in Kalimpong and Bhubaneswar I delivered a short message of encouragement.

The National Convention of CEiI in Visakhapatnam was a special experience for me. It was an opportunity for me to have a glance both into the spirituality of CE and into the culture, in which it lives. My task was to lead two Bible studies based on Romans 12, from which the main theme of the Conference “Renewing of the Mind” was taken. Meeting representatives and leaders at the convention went in a rather informal way. It was good to learn that the General Meeting of CEiI, meant a big step in the process of the strengthening of the unity within CEiI.

An important moment of the Convention was the installation of the newly elected office bearers. At this moment I could convey greetings on behalf of WCEU, and reiterate the position of WCEU regarding the representation of CE from the various regions of India, having each 2 seats in the WCEU Council. The only matter that needs further clarification is the number of the Regional Unions in India.

The Convention was followed by a series of events with South Tamil State CE Union in Nagercoil, October 27: a visit to Jehovah Nagar village, (former project of the German CE Union rehabilitation of the "dalit" Christians); Diocesan CE Leaders' Meeting; CE Youth Programme.

It was good to celebrate Holy Communion and share the word of God in the Home Church of CSI in Nagercoil, on Sunday morning, and to rejoice together with CE groups in the evening of the same day, in Kattuvilai village church. It was a joy to meet so many endeavorers. I cherished the fellowship with them, I enjoyed their hospitality and love, and I am glad I could hear also about their service, their concerns and joys.

It would be too long to enlist the names of all those, tho whom I would like to express my gratitude for the heartily welcome and Christian fellowship, especially to those, who planned and helped carrying out this trip. Therefor I ask all the Brothers and Sisters I met in CEiI to accept my greetings and gratitude, wishing that many would come to the know Jesus as the Samaritans did and confessed: “we have heard for ourselves and know that this One is indeed the Savior of the world.” (John 4:42)

December 04, 2012, 15:23 h by Rev. Kálmán Adorján, President WCEU.