wceu: December 13, 2012

You are going to conceive and have a son (Judges 13, 3b)

Devotion for the December Newsletter of WCEU

by Harry Wedekind, Netherlands, Trustee, World's Christian Endeavor Board

When I was in primary school ages ago, my teacher started with a Bible story every morning. She was a good storyteller; we were fascinated, especially when she told us about Samson, that knave! He was our hero: strong, big, a tough guy, a border breaker, who sometimes did what was forbidden by law. How many of us recognize ourselves in Samson?

When I was a grown up, a father already, I was in confirmation class and our pastor, a great narrator, showed us a different viewing point: Samson as a symbol for the Messiah.

Maybe you didn’t expect the Advent editorial about this rough fellow as you wait for the advent of the Messiah, but read this chapters of the Judges and try to see the parallels to the verses of Luke 1, 26 vv. The angel of the Lord, His messenger, appears with a similar message in almost the same words as Mary heard from the angel Gabriel. The proclaimed son gets a name: Samson, “He who is like the sun” (shemesh in Hebrew). He gets a task for his people, even before he was born: to deliver his people from the enemy, like our Lord Jesus Christ delivers us from our big Enemy and from our sins. Samson, this rough guy, is a man full of love, love that wasn’t responded by the other side. Jesus waits for us, full of love. We just have to respond to his love, to his act of love at the cross.

Samson was one of a kind, not average. These verses show us that our Lord uses all different kind of people to bring us the message of deliverance. Samson, the ‘sunny boy’, was born in a period of darkness in Israel. These days we may remind that Jesus came into this world as the Light on our path! Let’s follow Him and say “Yes my Lord, I will follow!”

December 13, 2012, 14:33 h by Anna Visky.