wceu: December 18, 2012

CE Prayer Week 2013

Next year’s CE Prayer Week will be organized 27 January - 2 February, 2013 with the topic ‘Go in the strength you have’ based on the calling of Gideon from Judges 6:1-24. The CE Prayer Week is being coordinated by Vice-President Eliseo Vilchez-Blancas (México). A booklet will be published soon with themes and devotions for this period, prayer tasks, as well as ideas and ways of involvement in this occasion. Please plan this week accordingly and follow the instructions of the booklet!

Featured Prayer Tasks of the CE Prayer Week:

  • Israel and Palestine. Considering the historical background and the actual political situation, we intercede that justice and peace would come to our brothers

  • Endeavorers and activities of CE around the world, that God would use them in the near and far future, making the church and mission in the world fruitful

  • Plans and projects of CE, that inspired by the gospel we would be encouraged to continue the mission for Christ: preaching, healing, reconcile, aiming for peace, unveiling the injustice, serving and helping our neighbors

  • World's Convention 2014

Other Tasks:

Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Guyana

  • for ways to reach youth and for initiatives to involve them


  • for ways and means to encourage the many local groups and connect them for paid traveling secretaries


  • give thanks for the missionaries over the world, that they may be able to adapt to the culture of the people they are living with


  • for protection in the civil war and for boldness to practise the love of Christ in the climate of hate and fear


  • Christian Endeavor Seminar in Abeokuta, Ogun State, for pastors and leaders with A. Rudolph and Dr. Adeosun (Dec. 14 - 16) sisters and for wise leaders with all parties involved in the conflict


  • fruitful leadership training programs, increasing numbers of churches introducing CE

December 18, 2012, 15:36 h by CE Americas.