europe: December 20, 2012

New board for Romanian CE Union

End of September (28-30) the Romanian CE Union had their annual National Convention and General Meeting in Targu-Mures. The topic was Prayer as a lifestyle.

The 450 participants could practise different forms of prayer and experience the power of prayers. There were early morning prayer-groups, prayer-chain, prayer-walk, prayers for the CE activities on different continents, for the foreign mission in Nepal and Kenya. The main lectures were also about the parts of a prayer: praise, confessing sins, supplication, intercession and gratitude. Sunday the WCEU Board Members, who had simultaneously their annual board meeting in the Romanian CE headquarters, preached the gospel in five different churches of the town. Another major issue of the conference was the election of a new board. Romanian CE is facing big challenges and major developments. Last year the criteria for membership were redefined: Members can be those devoted to Christ, accepting the principles of CE, and committed for a delimited period (max 3 years, which can be renewed after expiration) to work regularly as volunteer, to do occasionally works, to pray for CE, or to support the work of CE financially. A larger board, formed of 5 seniors (above 35 y.) and 10 young adults (under 35, involved as organizer in youth conference, camps and other activities) was elected for a period of one year. The new president of CE Romania is Imola Grosz. The board will have a lot of meetings (team building, training, brain-storming, etc.) aiming at more involvement of youth. Through and with them a ‘younger-vision’, and strategies for youth mission and work shall be created. Next year the board will be elected from the younger group. The older leaders will form an advisory-board. It is the prayer and hope that with this plan more young people get involved in CE and take over the leadership and responsibilities.

December 20, 2012, 14:43 h by Reported by István Halmen, Secretary, CE Romania.