Daily devotion


July 27

Philippians 4:10-23

The church in Philippi faced financial struggles themselves, with many of them living in extreme poverty. They were pleased however to share what they had with Paul. They willingly sacrificed what little they had to ensure Paul’s needs were met. Epaphroditus had come to Paul bearing gifts from the Philippian Church. This gives a great challenge for us today. Many people around us living in a condition that they do not have resources to live for a day. It is easy to lose our compassion for others and convince ourselves we just don’t have anything to give. Paul and the church in Philippi had learned that contentment was not found in great wealth, but in obedience to Christ. We too need to be a people of compassion, willing to give sacrificially of our abundance in an effort to meet the needs of others. While we can not physically reach the people in need, evangelising all who have yet to hear the Good News, we can provide financial support for those God has called to those specific areas.

Paul declared he was content with his life, regardless of outward circumstances. He chose to rejoice in the Lord instead of mourning over his lack of material wealth, and personal comfort. Paul was at peace, fully content in the Lord. V.13 does not offer a black cheque of grace to provide for any and every desire we have. It declares that the Lord’s Grace will always be sufficient to endure whatever trial we face.

Written by Mugdha Sahu, India.