how it all began...

The first Christian Endeavor group was organized on February 2, 1881, in the Williston Congregational Church, Portland, Maine, U.S.A., under the leadership of the pastor, Francis E. Clark, and his wife Harriet. It was born out of a week of evangelistic services which had resulted in about thirty young people accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior.
Before the first meeting was over, 57 people signed the constitution and covenant, the essence of which is expressed in the opening words of the Christian Endeavor Pledge.

That first Christian Endeavor group revitalized the youth in the Williston Church beyond expectations. Born to meet the needs of a single church, it did it so well that other churches began copying it with equally exciting results. Christian Endeavor helped in numerous churches to ground their young people in their Christian faith and devotion to Christ.

Christian Endeavor Unions were formed out of the need to share with others the Christian Endeavor plan and need for mutual enrichment which comes from fellowship with other believers.

As the movement spread to other lands, many National Unions were formed. The World's Union was organized in 1895 and incorporated 1902 to coordinate the activities of Christian Endeavor around the world.

Officers of the World's Union include the president, five regional vice-presidents, a general secretary (the only full-time paid employee), and a treasurer. Most of the work is carried on by volunteers.

The World’s Union is incorporated and governed by a Council which meets every four years, a Board of Trustees which meets annually, and an Executive Committee which meets annually between sessions of the Board of Trustees. A World's Convention is held quadrennially.

The World's Union is financed by contributions from national unions, personal gifts and offerings, and other returns from conventions and conferences.

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